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Vero Beach Renovations And Repairs – Getting Your Condominium Ready To Sell

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If your Vero Beach  condo or townhome needs some work, making smart renovations can yield a good return on your investment. And doing some work on your condominium or townhome prior to listing can be a great way to get your unit looking its best and to help you sell faster and for more money. But before you get started on Vero Beach renovations or repairs there are a few things that you should think about first:

  • Will the results justify the time money and effort? Whenever you think about breaking out the hammer and paint brushes you should stop and consider this question carefully. Many renovations do not justify themselves. They fail to increase either the speed with which your home sells or the selling price of your home.
  • Do the results look professional? Painting your home can make it more saleable, but only if the finished product looks professional. Buyers will not pay more for a poorly applied paint job. Lines must be smooth and finishes must be even. Similarly, an uneven or poorly laid tile job will wind up costing you time and money. If your inclination and skills are such that you want to take on these tasks on your own then go for it. But if you are uncertain about the quality of your finished product it might be better to get a professional or to pass on the project entirely.

What to renovate: Unfinished jobs – If there is a partial repair or renovation that you have started but haven’t yet finished then this definitely needs to be addressed. The average buyer is generally not a visualizer or innovator – they won’t see the value of a ¾ finished project. They will just see a big mess. It is always a good idea to finish repairs and renovations before listing your home. Dark, dated or dingy painted interiors – Paint is arguably the best value for your dollar spent so long as the finished job looks bright and professional. Light or neutral colors are usually a safer bet. Some research indicates that darkly painted homes may take up to twice as long to sell as homes painted with light colors. Light colors also make rooms look larger.

Signs of water damage – repair them immediately. Few things turn off potential buyers more than the possibility of water damage. If you have marks from a minor issue that was addressed in the past then take the time to paint and refinish to remove the signs of water damage.

Kitchens and Bathrooms – other than painting, nothing will give you a better return on your investment then making sure that your kitchens and bathrooms look sharp. If either of these rooms is looking worn or dated, you may benefit from investing some of your time and effort in these rooms.

All cupboard and closet doors should open smoothly. Doorknobs should be tightened where needed. Loose or rattling items leave the impression that maintenance might be low on your list, so fix or replace them.

Faucets and light switches should be shiny clean. If a good cleaning cannot give you this effect then replacing them is inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

If your cabinetry is looking worn or dated and you can’t afford to replace it, think about refinishing and repainting the doors, or swapping old, dated cupboard hinges and handles for more stylish ones.

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