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Varieties of Railings Suitable for Style and Function in Vero Beach

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Railings in Vero Beach are the perfect barrier in many diverse environments and there are a number of varieties available to choose from. Railings need to be fit for the function they are to serve, but they also need to look stylish and suitable for the environment they are in. The most common material used in the manufacture of all varieties of rail is metal. But wood and plastic can also be used depending on the situation. Modern plastics are becoming more popular because of their lasting durability. A good looking rail made of metal or wood can degrade quickly and needs lots of maintenance. Plastics however can last for many years looking almost as good as new with just regular cleaning.

There are a number of different basic varieties of railings. Each of them is suited to different usages and environments so it is worth having a quick look at what each one can offer. Firstly vertical bar rails give a tasteful and strong answer to both boundary protection and property separation. A choice of round, square or hexagonal bar gives you the option to have the shape of railing that is most fitting to the environment where it will be installed.

Other varieties of railings include the bow top style and spectator rails. Both these styles are used primarily for safety. Bow top rails can often be seen at kids play parks. They work well there because they provide good visibility combined with a high level of safety. They are designed to make it difficult for children to get their hands or heads stuck in them for example. Spectator rails are a variety of rail that is ideal for installation at sporting venues.

Some Vero Beach railings are specifically designed to be used on raised areas such as balconies or at the top of ramps where there is a steep drop. Areas such as these make the installation of a railing an essential safety feature. Different varieties of balcony rails can look attractive as well as providing safety. Balcony rails are quite often manufactured from wood for aesthetic rather than practical reasons. Another feature common on a balcony railing is the addition of a planter that can hold plants and flowers. Although originally mostly seen attached to balcony rails, planters are now often seen attached to rails in many other locations.

The versatility of railings and the diverse situations where they are needed means that there are many companies that will offer made to measure solutions for those who need them. Custom built designs can be manufactured so that the rails may twist, bend or curve to give them a much more pleasing look than the standard straight rail. The appearance of the rails can also be changed by the bar shape and dimensions. You can choose from the very thin to the very thick and the circumference of the bar can make quite a difference to the effect of the finished design.

Whether your solution is standard or bespoke, plain rails can be enhanced by scrolling patterns or decorative elements added onto the rails. Rail heads can provide a whole host of elaborate designs that will really set off an otherwise plain railing. Most companies will also have a range of infill panels to choose from to enhance the look of the rails as well as being an additional safety feature. Infill panels are often used where the rails are on ramps or next to a drop such as on a balcony.

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