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The Benefits of Coloured Soffits For Your Vero Beach Home

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It is important to pay attention to the details of a home. The Vero Beach soffit and fascia of a home has as much to do with the over all beauty of the house as a well designed patio or an attractive panel door.

The accents can literally transform your house and make it look more beautiful. In the case of soffits and fascias, the colour can punctuate the style of your home.

The Benefits of Coloured Soffits for Your Home

Regretfully, many people only install bland coloured fascia and soffit boards in Vero Beach. If you have a spectacular roof, there should also be a spectacular soffit that will go with it. Many people play it safe and colour the soffit just plain white.

One of the benefits of coloured soffits for your home is the additional accent. If you are thinking of a colour scheme in your house and you want to add touches of colour without overwhelming the house with too much colour, the accent colour of the soffit should be the best option for you. You might think nobody will appreciate the colour since it situated at the top of the house but when you have guests over and this is their first time appraising the house, they will immediately notice if there are marked differences to your house from all the other houses in the neighbourhood.

The coloured ones make a great statement. You can make your home stand out from the others in the neighbourhood by painting it a different colour.

These planks are usually screwed or nailed to the rafters of your home. The plain colour might make the nails or screws a lot of more evident. You can easily hide them by painting the planks a different colour.

Choosing Coloured Soffits For Your Home

Choosing different colours for your soffit is as essential as choosing the wall colour of your home. You have to pay attention to the colour wheel to find the best accent. Every colour you used for the exterior of the house should match.

There are so many colour options these days including shades of yellows, tans, blues, greys, and even shades of red. You can go for the darker shades if you want it to be in contrast with the lighter shades of the rest of the exterior paintwork of your home.

It is also important to consider the type of material you are painting. Wood is pretty versatile so you have more colour options for this. But if you have aluminum or vinyl soffits, you have a limited colour options.

Consider matching it with the colour of your trim. If the trims or accents for the windows, fascia and gutters are the same colour, your soffits should also have the same colour.

How To Find The Best Colour

There are lots of colour options. If you cannot find the ready made coloured soffits, you can paint it yourself. If you already have coloured trims, fascias and gutters, you can go ahead and follow the same colour combination. It will give a well blended look to your room and provide nice clean lines to the contours of your home.

Contrasting colours or colour combinations also work. Try using a different colour for the soffits, plastic cladding and the fascias or the soffits, shiplap cladding and the trims.

One of the things you have to consider when choosing for the right colour is finding how much sun or UV rays the soffits are going to be exposed. Their exposure to the sun might cause fading over time. If you have opted to use soft colours, make sure you thicken the coating. It is also more ideal to use darker colours and leave the lighter colours to wall paints. The paint you are going to use should be for exterior purposes. It should be loaded with additives that can make the paint resistant to external wear and tear. The paint, especially those used for wood, should help prevent mold and mildew development. Exterior surfaces are more likely to get moldy because of their constant exposure to moisture. You can also find products that have been loaded with anti UV rays properties that can help lessen wear and tear.

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